no-chicken, no-teriyaki

Chef Marc Matsumoto has a his own blog (“No-Recipies”) and also one on the PBS Food Blog website.  Lots of Japanese and oriental food and a tendency to have exotic ingredients, such as burdock (i know what it is, but have NEVER seen it in Stop and Shop), but the recipes seem to work and taste good.

I have made this one several times – the sauce is good and prep is fast once you get the boneless chicken thighs with skin on.  I have never found them, so i get bone-in and remove the bones.  Makes a messy preparation (both the deboning and the mess afterwards) – note to self – how do i work in the sink with something i can easily remove when i am done?

SUMMARY: Remove the bones from the thighs, prep with ginger and salt for 30 minutes, pan fry skin down, steam second side with sake,  make sauce, add to chicken, heat over high until the sauce is reduced.  Serve slices with sauce over rice or noodles or shredded lettuce.

  1. debone, if necessary, skin-on chicken thighs
  2. rub with shredded ginger and salt, marinate for at least 30, brush off ginger
  3. add oil to large pan over medium heat, heat chicken skin-side down until golden brown
  4. turn over, add 1 tbsp sake and cover to steam 5 minutes until cooked
  5. mix 1 tablespoon each of: honey, mirin, sake, and soy sauce.
  6. pour off excess pan dripping (blot up excess oil with paper towel)
  7. pan to high heat, add sauce, reduce to a glaze, turning chicken often to coat
  8. remove chicken, slice, pour pan sauce over the top.
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